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1ClickUnifiedCloudCommand , makes you run single command (commands range from full cluster command, partial cluster command, pull data command and push data command) on your whole big data cluster with built-in Launch/Stop/Restart/Destroy capabilities all by just 1 click with both timeout and retry in consideration for public cloud's sake, which frees you from labor intensive manual provisioning, orchestration and managing your cluster, and focus solely on core business problems.

Latest Version

Base Operating System
Linux/Unix, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5

Delivery Method
64-bit AWS Image

Note: On top of monthly subscription fee you pay us, You also need to pay AWS for Cloud Server hourly Usage depending the choice of your AWS Instance Type 

AWS Services Required

  • This tool not only allows you to launch/stop/restart/destroy your cluster, it but also offer a unique feature which allows you to issue commands to all nodes of your big data cluster with both timeout and retry in consideration for cloud's sake.
  • Now the 1-Click cluster-wise command becomes heterogeneous instead of homogeneous, it can be either for the whole or the partial cluster, pull data and push data to and from the UnifiedCloudCommand are also supported
  • With this tool, now you can manage your whole big data cluster by running standard Linux commands just like managing a single machine with the reliability (Timeout/Retry) of public cloud taking into consideratio

Usage Instructions

If you do not have a AWS account, you should get one by registration with your credit card on AWS

Once you choose this product, put it in the shopping cart, and then checkout in Guest mode with no registration required, you need to fill out your necessary contact information which cannot different to your billing information, and then you will be directed to www.paypal.com, as payment will be handled by PayPal exclusively. PayPal offers 2 options for your payment, namely PayPal and 4 major credit cards or debit card payment. For the latter, you need to click and expand the credit/debit card payment sub-menu, and once you finish your credit/debit card payment there, PayPal will invite you to join PayPal for faster future checkout, but that is optional. Now you should click to go back to Cloudata Inc (CloudBnB Marketplace), and you should be patient as it might take a few or more minutes (definitely not 10 seconds) to for the system to provision an AWS instance (our product) for you to launch your cluster.

Once come back to CloudBnB Marketplace site, which means your payment has been verified and the AWS instance has been launched. Now you should check your email, you should receive an message from PayPal regarding your payment, as well as the following messages for CloudBnB Marketplace: 1. an invoice email; 2. an brief instruction email with the launched AWS instance's public IP address and a keypair file as attachment, download it, and now you can log in your AWS instance as follows:

ssh -i 1lclickaws.pem root@public-ip-address

Once log in, be root by typing: sudo su in the remote command shell. First change your root password by typing: passwd and enter your password twice after promotion, then edit the file named .bashrc under /usr/share/tomcat, which includes following 2 lines:

export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID='OurAccessKeyID'
export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY='OurSecretAccessKey'

Replace our defunct AWS credentials in the file with your own working AWS credentials as follows:
export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID='YourAccessKeyID'
export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY='YourSecretAccessKey'

and save it. Now it is all under your own control, and your can start to define and launch your cluster to issue your commands to the whole cluster. In your browser, type http://your-instance-public-ip-address:8080/s2gui, a GUI will show up, all operations are very intuitive. 

Here are the further detailed instructions

Support Details

Free technical support us provided through email at Online Submission Form, our support staff will respond in 1 business day

Payment Details

If you choose to pay here instead of through Eventbrite which has a cover charge, you do not need to register and login, instead we allow you to shop as a guest with guest login. What you need to provide is just your billing address and your basic information, whether you pay with credit card or through PayPal, all of your required critical financial information to complete transaction will be handled by PayPal at www.paypal.com, which accepts payments in PayPal (by default), major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), and ATM/debit cards. If you click on the Non-PayPal option button when you are being directed to PayPal site, totally secure and hassle free! 
BTW we also accept BitCoin by Email, the amount of BitCoin you should pay us is based on Real-Time exchange rate by Google Finance

Refund Policy

We do not currently support refunds, but you can cancel your next month's auto-renewal at anytime

End User License Agreement

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